Shakeology three day cleanse.

Before Starting Insanity I decided to do a Shakeology three day cleanse. I had no idea how challenging this would be. Despite the difficulty it was well worth it. After only three days of the cleanse I lost 13 pounds, and cleared out the processed foods and toxins from my body. Best of all, I learned a valuable lesson; the cleanse opened my eyes and made me notice all the junk food I eat during the day. The first day, I subconsciously went to the kitchen on several occasions to grab a handful of goldfish crackers, chips, or anything else I could find. During this three day Shakeology cleanse, I was able to resist the urge. Breaking that cycle has helped me focus on what and how much I eat. Check out my video playlist of days 1-3 here.

What is a Shakeology three day cleanse? It’s a whole food body cleanse designed to…

  • Give you a jump start on your weight loss and fitness journey.
  • Break through a weight loss plateau.
  • Rid your body of undigested foods and toxins.
  • Kick off a whole food nutrition plan.
    The list goes on and on.

If you are considering this Shakeology three day cleanse, it is very important that you commit to it and not add additional foods to get the best results. It is not recommended that you do the cleanse for more than 3 days in a row. Also, do not do this cleanse cycle more than once every 90 days. Loosing too much weight rapidly can be just as unhealthy as packing on too many pounds.

Unlike lots of other body cleanses, the Shakeology cleanse is designed to pack in as many natural nutrients as possible in a three day period without adding a ton of calories. You still fuel your body and can perform typical daily activities. Shakeology does not contain any chemicals, it is purely food from Mother Nature, and that’s it.

What you need.
9 servings of Shakeology
Salad greens and veggies.
Your favorite low fat oil or vinegar based dressing. (NO dairy dressings.)
Grilled white meat such as chicken or fish.
Plenty of water.
Green tea.
Fruit (optional).

NOTE:You can not find Shakeology in retail stores it is only available through the Beachbody coach network get Shakeology here or Contact me and I will get you directed to where you can get your Shakeology. (I personally think Tropical Strawberry (vegan formula) is Fantastic. Chocolate is a close runner up.)

How to do it:
Follow the same regimen for Three days in a row.
Drink 2-4 liters of water throughout each day of the cleansing period.
1 cup of green tea (NO sweeteners)
1 serving of Shakeology, made with 8-10 oz water and ice to taste.
Optional Snack:
One serving of fruit.
1 serving of Shakeology, made with 8-10 oz water and ice to taste.
1 cup of green tea. (NO sweeteners)
1 serving of Shakeology, made with 8-10 oz water and ice to taste.
Salad: 3 Servings of greens and vegetables.
4 oz. of grilled white meat: poultry or fish.
2 tablespoons of non-dairy based dressing.

Repeat the same regimen above on days 2 and 3.

Once you’re done with the 3 day cleanse, you will want to keep using Shakeology to maximize your health benefits. It is a nutrient packed meal replacement shake. You can sub it for any meal of the day. My wife takes them on her morning commute to work. They keep her full until lunch time often she tells me she has a hard time drinking the whole thing.

Some of my favorite recipes are chocolate with banana and strawberries. Chocolate with peanut butter and banana. Chocolate and pineapple. The combinations are endless.

About Craig Gresham

I love fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals by sharing information and surrounding myself with like minded people.

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