P90X results

I am really happy with my P90X results. I can now say I am a 2 time graduate. Just like the first time I had awesome results. It was July 2010 when I first completed 90 days of butt kicking from Tony Horton and his crew. After the first round my intention was to take a week long break then do it again with more intensity. 1 week became 2 then 3 finally December 2012 I looked in the mirror and noticed the 90 days I put in was all gone. I felt like crap my lower back was weak and hurt all the time for what? A lack of motivation. It was time to face the facts. You don’t do yourself any good not being active. I needed to get back in shape. After building the motivation for a second time I was back in the mix. The first couple of weeks I was really sore and wanted to go into the fetal position then cry for my mommy. After sucking it up in week 3 I notice I am getting stronger so it kept me motivated and coming back for more sweet pain day after day.

At the end of the first month I took my 30 day pictures and compare them to day 1. The results are unbelievable unless you have done P90X yourself. The second month the pain is bearable and I pushed my limits even more. On top of the muscle confusion I know pushing a little harder every time I will get that much stronger. If you are doing or considering P90X I can’t stress how important it is to keep track of how much you’re lifting and how many reps you are doing. Jot it down on a worksheet and use it every time you workout. Try to get 2-3 more reps every time and your results will be amazing.

60 days roll around and it’s picture time again. As I compared day 1 to day 60 the results are clear. I was really excited to get to my 90 day results now but I still had 30 days to go. Into the 3rd phase I found myself needing heavier weights I wanted to build more strength and power. My awesome wife gets me a surprise gift one day. 25 lb. dumbbells just what I needed.

Day 90 is upon me, I feel incredible. No more constant back pain, stronger core, and just feel better overall. Now that I have the strength back I am moving on to Insanity to work on my cardio endurance.


So here you go my P90X results day 1- 90 pictures.

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