What u need for P90X is the program (obviously) and a way to do resistance exercises.  More in depth this will include.

1) A pull up bar.
2) Resistance bands or dumbbells.
3) A little space.

Lets focus on the pull up bar for a moment.  You have 3 options here.  You can use a resistance band that has a strap that locks between the door frame and door when it is shut, a second option is a free standing bar, and third option (the one I use) a pull up bar that fits in the door frame.  So with pull ups covered what u need for P90X is resistance bands or dumbbells.  To get the most out of P90X you will want to eat right by following the supplied nutrition plan, follow the schedule, and track your results.  That is why I strongly recommend using dumbbells.  With dumbbells you know exactly how much you lift and how many reps you did as long as you write it down the time before.  Always always always try to get 1 or 2 more reps the next time.  I started off being able to do 2 pull ups.  Now I can do 15 before I Max out.  Keeping track of where I was allowed me to try just a little bit harder the next time resulting in getting stronger over time.  So what’s so bad about resistance bands?  Nothing, They may be ideal for you.  Maybe you have limited storage space, Maybe you travel allot.  The only thing I dislike about bands are you never know exactly what you’re lifting and I feel it is an easy way to cheat on exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions or whatever.  Finally what u need for P90X is a little space.  I work out in my living room most of the time along side my wife and sometimes kids.  From time to time I have been sent out of town for my 8-5 job.  Getting creative and moving the furniture around a hotel room and using resistance bands I really haven’t had any trouble due to limited space or not having dumbbells.  In fact I once met a girl that lives on a house boat and did P90X so no excuses.  Keep an open mind if you are limited on space you don’t have to do all the exercises just like it is instructed.  You can modify to work that same  general muscle group.  If you are still concerned with space or resistance training is not your thing, maybe you are looking to burn tons of fat with cardio exercises.  I race BMX bikes (the kind you pedal) and Mt. bike so I need endurance and a high tolerance for lactic acid build up.  Insanity is perfect for it because it pushes your cardio limits through the roof and builds tons of strength through your entire body.

So now that you’re educated and know what u need for P90X and Insanity what are you waiting for?  Go get it and start becoming a healthier YOU.  Feel free to comment or share this post on facebook , twitter, or other social networks.  Help me get the word out and end the trend of obesity.

Craig Gresham

About Craig Gresham

I love fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals by sharing information and surrounding myself with like minded people.

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