Lactic acid tolerance training

Lactic acid tolerance training can be that slight edge you need on your competition.  If you are competing in a sport against others or just want to do your physical activity for a longer period of time.  Lactic acid tolerance training is for you.  Lactate in your muscles is the painful burning sensation that forces your muscles to shut down so your body doesn’t stress so much that it causes an injury.  Your body can be trained to have a higher tolerance to that pain.  You just have to be able to turn that trigger from I can’t to I can do it a little longer.  Over time your muscles will become more tolerant to the lactate.  I primarily use Insanity and sometimes the P90X cardio based home dvd workouts for my training.  In addition to that I use a heart rate monitor.  It helps keep track of what zone you are in.  With a heart rate monitor you can determine if you need to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.  Here is 3 of the most frequently used heart rate training zones.

Temperate zone: 60% to 70% of your max heart rate. This zone is a moderate zone it is best suited for fat burning.

Aerobic Zone: 70% to 80% of your max heart rate.  This zone will improve your cardiovascular system.  Over time this will increase the effeincey to carry oxygen to the working muscles and carry the carbon dioxide away allowing you to do your activity at a higher heart rate for longer periods of time.

Threshold Zone: 80% to 90% of your max heart rate. This is the lactic acid tolerance training zone.  You will not likley be able to train in this zone for long periods of time.  This zone is where it is critical that you give it your all.  Don’t be afraid to push your body hard.  It is stronger than you think.  So find your limit don’t be afraid to trust your heart rate monitor if you have one.

NOTICE: You must have an account to move forward to get your heart rate zones!  Don’t
worry it’s free.  Go to Free account for your free account.  When you have your free account copy and paste this in your browser or  click on the GET FIT then FITNESS TOOLS buttons.  Here you will find the button “Target Heart Rate”.  Simply complete the 2 questions and you will have your zones.  Next you just need to get to working out.  As I mentioned before I persionally use Insanity as my Lacticid acdid tolerance training but it is not required.  Pretty much any workout will do Cardio based workouts are best.  Runing, biking, treadmill, are just a few.  One last suggestion stick with the primary muscle group it is you are trying to build the tolerance on.

About Craig Gresham

I love fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals by sharing information and surrounding myself with like minded people.

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